It has officially been a year since I’ve joined the team at All True Ministries. When I said “yes” to becoming an employee with Scott and Heidi, I said “yes” to their heart, which, outside of their children, is All True Ministries. We, as a team, didn’t quite know what all would unfold but God particularly likes those who are willing and obedient; even without all the details upfront :).

There is a colorful barrage of memories that hits me when I think back on the past 12 months. I can remember like yesterday the excitement of creating our first grant request, the tingling in my hands from the many, many days of cutting wood letters out with a jigsaw for our #Bigredsign [just for the sheer fact that it’s handmade you should find and follow us on Instagram], meeting with brilliant local people like Randy Moore from the Cleveland Daily Banner, and packing the car up for our first booth at a Veteran’s job fair event. Oh, and I can’t forget the sticky paint that I managed to get in my hair, on my clothes, and finally on our sign.

Through all of the labor that came with standing alongside of Scott and Heidi as they “birthed” their ministry, no assignment is as close to my heart like that of taking responsibility of what I call the heart of the house – the Upper Room.

It’s quite the (unique) experience to get detailed instruction for almost everything in that room. It was incredible to watch a man ask and involve God in every decision. From the paint color to the places where we bought the decorations, all of it was done from a seeking heart. Scott and Heidi didn’t lease a property, prepare it, and then ask the Holy Spirit to come. They’ve asked the Holy Spirit to come every day, every decision, and every move.

Bill Johnson once described that living directed by the Spirit is like living with a dove on your shoulder. Doves are sensitive and one must be careful to maintain its presence. That happened throughout each day of creating the Upper Room because from day one each of us knew this house has a special assignment and a special place in history. A holy God gave us a sacred assignment, and in consequence we have created a space that is God’s dwelling. We are just the keepers.

One night that will serve as a marker in my memory for a long time, is the night a group of intercessors came to visit and pray in the house. The staff at All True Ministries joined them in the Upper Room. In that place, the Holy Spirit broke out and I watched as each person in the room submitted to and gave freedom for God to say what He wanted and move how He wanted. Incredible things were uttered. I won’t soon forget what God did in that moment. No matter what time or what day, God always meets us in the Upper Room. It’s His and we are His.

My leaders steward well the house that God gave them. The scripture on the website under the Upper Room tab is not a token scripture. It’s true. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. There is freedom in this house for God to move therefore there is freedom for those bound and freedom from the past or pain, or fear. The heart of the house is a room that represents obedience, preparation, a dwelling for God’s presence, freedom, restoration, and healing. And from it flows all other activities and agendas. We joyfully do the work we do unto the Lord and I continue to pray that His heart is always ours and that it shows in this ministry and always in The Little Red House from On High.

-Brook Mahan